Thursday, 3 July 2014

[03072014] Background research & constructing a hypothesis

Independent variable (what to change)
Dependant variable (what is observable)
Controlled Variables
(constant variables)
What is the effect of nitrogen on agricultural production systems?
Amount of nitrogen
- The effect of nitrogen on agricultural systems
- Crops/ plants used
- Amount of nitrogen used
- Amount of plants/crops used
- Amount of water and light provided
If nitrogen is provided for agricultural production systems, then the crops will grow well.
When do carnivorous plants feel a need to feed on insects?
Time of the day
When the carnivorous plant feeds on insects
- Species of carnivorous plants used
- Type of insects used
- Number of insects
- Number of plants
- Place
If the carnivorous plants are left outside in the afternoon, then it will consume the most number of insects.
Which method is better for the growth of plants - Hydroponics or natural environment? Why?
Method of growing plants (Hydroponics/ Natural Environment)
The growth of plants measured in height
- Type of plant
- Number of plants
- Amount of sunlight provided
If the plants are grown by hydroponics, then it will grow better because they are placed in a special environment that meets all its needs, and in the environment, they are not prone to any diseases etc.
How do we determine the water quality using water plants?
Water used
- Growth of the plant in height to deduce the water quality that it is growing in
-The type of plants used
- Amount of water used
- Amount of sunlight
- Number of plants
If the plants are grown in water with low quality, they will not grow well, and vice versa.

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