Monday, 7 July 2014

Literature Review [Myat Noe]

When do carnivorous plants feel a need to feed on insects? 

Barry Rice (2005) investigated what carnivorous plants ate. According to him, it mostly depends on where they live. Many carnivorous plants live with their traps submerged in water and they capture small and large prey. Meanwhile, Pinguicula and Drosera often catch flying insects like gnats, flies, and moths. Pitcher plants capture foraging insects, especially flies, moths, wasps, butterflies, beetles, and ants, while Venus flytraps capture any crawling insect.

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According to tips given by Michael Szesze (2005), carnivorous plants should not be fed or fertilized as the plants will be able to collect enough insects on their own to do well. Most carnivorous plants only need an insect or two a month in order to flourish. He said never use raw meat or cheese, as large pieces will kill the traps and that the best source of nutrition are probably freeze-dried insects from a pet shop, or a culture of wingless fruit flies. He also says that carnivorous plants grown with no insect supplemental feedings will not flourish and to not overdo it. 
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