Saturday, 5 July 2014

Literature Review [Nehal]

What is the effect of nitrogen on agricultural production systems?

Jones (2001) mentioned that every agricultural production system is unique and can be related to numerous inherent assumptions and basic limitations. In one of his articles, he discovered that farmers are slowly manipulating their agricultural systems while developing certain practices which help to grow healthy plants. One of the organic methods used was crop rotation.
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Chachurs (n.d.) understands what happens to the nitrogen in the soil. Most of the Nitrogen (97 – 98%) in the soil is tied up in the organic matter and unavailable to plants.  Only 2 – 3% is in the inorganic form of nitrate and the ammonium forms that is available to plants.  The organic matter is continuously being broken down by microorganisms and released as inorganic Nitrogen into the soil.  This process is called mineralization.  

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